Winter School of Physical Therapy under the REHAB project

Teaching staff of TNMU Department of Medical Rehabilitation Prof. I. R. Mysula, Ass. Yu. V. Zavidniuk and Department of Physical Therapy, Ergotherapy and Physical Education Prof. D. V. Popovych, Ass. O. V. Vaida, Ass. K. V. Myndziv, as well as Master’s degree students O. Levchuk, Ye. Telytsia, V. Benko participated in the Winter School of Physical Therapy under the REHAB Project “Innovative Rehabilitation Education – Introduction to New Master Degree Programs in Ukraine 2018-2021”. The agenda of the School included current issues of modern European physical therapy, including adaptive principles in the application of physical activity for inclusion, such as STEP within Inclusion Spectrum, TREE and FAMME; recommendations on physical activity for people with disabilities; functional evaluation of the elderly; patient-oriented management in physical therapy – 4-phase approach in rehabilitation (algorithms in physical therapy); evidence-based differential diagnosis in physical therapy; clinical examination and physiotherapy management in orthopedics; clinical thinking in physical therapy. During five intense working days, speakers shared their experiences (Maija Kangasperko (Satakunta University of Applied Science, Finland), Krzysztof Dudzinski (Jozef Pilsudski University of Physical Education, Poland), Vilma Dudoniene (Lithuanian Sport University, Lithuania), Martin Campa (Latvian Academy of Sport Education, Latvia), Aija Klavina (Latvian Academy of Sport Education, Latvia), Ng Kwok (European Federation of the Adaptive Physical Activity, Finland). Extremely informative lectures and interactive workshops have deepened the knowledge and practical skills of Ukrainian teachers and students of Ternopil National Medical University, Lviv State University of Physical Culture, National University of Physical Education and Sports of Ukraine, Sumy State University.