Regarding the curriculum of master’s degree programinPhysical Therapy specialty atI. HorbacheskyTernopil National Medical University

The Master’s Programme in Physical Therapy has been successfully implementedin TNMU. The syllabus for the 1stand 2ndyear students comprises 60 credits each. A large number of credits wasassignedto the mostimportant subjects for the professional activity of a master’s degree expert.The 1styear coursesinclude Fundamentals of Restorative Physical Therapy, 5credits;Physical Therapy in Musculoskeletal Disorders, 7credits; Physical Therapy in Internal Medicine, 5credits;Physical Therapy Clinical Practice in Internal Diseases, 3credits;Physical Therapy Clinical Practice in Injuries and Musculoskeletal Diseases, 8credits; Physical Therapy in Geriatrics,optional, 4credits. The 2ndyear courses comprise Physical Therapy inNervous System Disorders, 8 credits; Physical Therapy for Cardiovascular disorders,7 credits;Physical Therapy Clinical Practice inNervous System Disorders, 11credits;Physical Therapy Clinical Practice in Cardiovascular Disorders; 7 credits.

The first graduates of the master’s degree program at TNMU amount to five people. This year, there are eightstudents completing the 2ndyear master’s degree program, and the freshman class comprised thirty students.

Thus, theengagementof TNMU into the Erasmus+ programme facilitated the students’ enrolment for the Master’s program in Physical Therapy specialtythatproves the sensibleness and perspective of the implemented 2-year curriculum.