TNMU Physical Therapy Laboratory

Within the partnership between Ternopil National Medical University and the European Union Erasmus+ Programme “Innovative Rehabilitation Education – Introduction of New Master Degree Programs in Ukraine 2018-2021”, the first stage of the establishment of the Physical Therapy Laboratory has been implemented at the Department of Medical Rehabilitation. The European Union provided a wide range of equipment for training of students of the Physical Therapy. Ergotherapy specialty of a total cost of 768 491 UAH, i.e. rehabilitation device MOTOmed viva 2, universal stairs for walking training with an inclined ramp S/U, rehabilitation tables with electric height adjustment, manual table for loading rehabilitation, orthopedic device PARAMOBIL with a dynamic/static module, universal cabin WSC-4 for hanging therapy.

At the cost of this project full equipment of another research and training laboratory is planned. The students will be capable of learning how to use the most up-to-date equipment, i.e. Timo stabilization platform for functional assessment and rehabilitation, and device for computer correction of major and minor motor disorders of upper limb muscles. The equipment purchased is effectively used in the learning process of students as well as for rehabilitation of patients with disorders of the nervous and musculoskeletal systems.

Thus, as a result of the participation of the university in the Erasmus+ programme, a significant step has been taken towards improving the physical therapists training at TNMU alike the European standards.